Happy Swimming in Spanish Point

Pic: Clare Champion

June Burke is a native of Spanish Point in West Clare. She was brought up a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean and in the past year she has discoved the healing power of the water. June, one of the Burke family that owns and runs the Armada Hotel, confesses that as a child she never took much notice of the sea outside her back window as she was always busy in the hotel.

A little over a year ago, following a few years of stress and struggle in her private life, and after trying so many other ways to improve her mood and mental wellbeing June decided to go for a swim. This is hugely significant becasue June couldn’t swim. That day, after her swim, June felt that she could take on the world and face any challenge it presented so she vowed to make her dip in the ocean a daily event.

Since then June has created a “movement” that she calls “Snamhai Sasta” (Happy Swimming) and she is joined daily by dozens of people who have followed her example. June spoke recently to Ger Sweeney for his irish radio programme on Spanish-based Talk Radio Europe and told her story. After listening to June’s amazing story be sure to follow her instagram account @snamhaisasta and maybe head back to West Clare yourself for a dip.

One thought on “Happy Swimming in Spanish Point

  1. Hello June,
    Congratulations to you on all you have achieved ,You are an inspiration to all women.I heard you talking on radio last week and was very impressed.You have been through a lot .i would love to join you with your morning swim ,I do find the sea very powerful .Can i join you at present with covit around ???.I too have suffered loss and i would feel a swim in the sea could help me.Thank you if you can get back to me,

    Thank you June for
    any help you can give me

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