Did James Blake poison Red Hugh O’ Donnell? Paper published in 1950 looks at Blake and his appeal to Spanish King for Revolt in Ireland in 1602

The rediscovery of the burial place of Red Hugh O´Donnell in Valladolid in Spain reminded us of the historic and centuries-old friendship between the Spanish and Irish People. It also brought about fresh opportunities for both countries in terms of tourism.

There is a forgotten and scholarly article which focuses on another projected Spanish attempt to assist the Irish People in 1602 – only 14 years after the Spanish Armada floundered on the west coast of Ireland. This is especially interesting because the plan was drafted by James Blake, sometimes named as a poisoner of Red Hugh O´Donnell. Although contemporary evidence indicates that Red Hugh died while being treated for an intestinal infection.

Blake’s innocence is fortified by the intricate details of his Invasion plan in 1602, that indeed had every appearance of a successful conclusion, if it had been implemented as Blake suggested.

The author of the paper was Fr. Frederick Jones and was published in 1950 in the Journal of the Galway Archaeological & Historical Society. This is the first time that the contents of the article have been aired.

Michael Dixon from “Clans of Ireland” spoke to Ger Sweeney about the article and Captain James Blake.

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