President Higgins Christmas and New Year Message

PresUachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D. Higgins has addressed a number of issues in his Christmas and New Year message which was released this morning.

President Higgins refers to how Christmas time offers “Light and Hope” as we look ahead to longer brighter days. It also offers us an opportunity to reflect on the story of Christmas. Joseph and Mary’s search for accommodation being met with “no room at the inn” is poignant and it can be looked at in parallel with how we Irish left our island to find a better life. It also has importance in how, in modern times we welcome others to our shores from far off places.

2019, the president says, was a year when we saw the need for collective action in addressing climate change and how we need to take more action to reverse the damage done and prevent further problems. The involvement of the youth of Ireland and across the world in addressing this is something to be welcomed he said.

President Michale D. Hggigins’ address can be heard in total below.

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