Ennis Lions Club

Lions1Decades of serving the community, endless energy and a lot of happy recipients of kind acts. These are some of the thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of the men and women of the Lions Club of Ennis.

The Lions Club is a global organisation and it’s purpose in life is to serve. Members of the Lions Club serve their communities and that work is usually done in a quiet, dignified way and has helped millions of people across the world. Here in Ennis the work of the Lions Club is obvious on occasion but largely goes on below the radar. This “below the radar” activity benefits many.

Lions3At Christmas time the Lions Club is very evident on the streets of Ennis as its Santa project gets underway in the Square and the Remembrance Tree project kicks off in the Market area. Tom Carey, a veteran Lions Club member in Ennis spoke to Ger Sweeney about the work of the service club.


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