Ennis Chamber of Commerce working for the Town

Chamber1Ennis Chamber of Commerce has been to the forefront of supporting its members while attracting new business to the town for many years. The commercial environment in Ennis has gone through a number of cycles and embraced opportunities that came with new technology and other factors. Much of this was done in association with Ennis Chamber of Commerce.

Working closely with the local authority and the business people of the town there are many challenges to overcome annually but equally there are many opportunities that are grasped and developed.

Chamber2Christmas is one of the times of the year where there is a window of opportunity and the commercial activities can make the difference between a good year or a not so good year for traders. Recently, Ennis Chamber of Commerce CEO, Margaret O’Brien spoke to Ger Sweeney about 2019 and some of the incentives in place to attract people to the county town.

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