Be a Joycean for a day on the Costa del Sol

UlyssesJames Joyce’s Ulysses is known across the world and for those on the Costa del Sol there is an opportunity to engage in the events marking Bloomsday, the name given to the day that features in the book – 16th June. It is the 9th year that there will be a reading of a chapter of Ulysses at La Cepa Playa in Fuengirola. This stretch of beach is immediately opposite the Hotel Florida so it’s easy to locate.

Artist Roger Cummiskey, a Dubliner is the main organiser of the event, ably assisted by his wife Dolores. Roger, a long time fan of Joyce and his Ulysses sat with Ger Sweeney recently and spoke about the Bloomsday event. The interview is below and offers information on James Joyce, his life in Dublin, Trieste, Rome and Paris. There is also an acknowledgement from Roger that the book, which has been described as the greatest novel of the 20th Century can be a difficult read but it it well worth a go. “Ulysses”, Roger says “is a comic novel and should be read with that in mind”.

The novel is based on Homer’s Odyssey which takes place over 10 years whereas James Joyce’s masterpiece happens on one day. It covers the time from 8am on 16th June 1904 to about 2am the following day. Roger explains that it was on this date that James Joyce met his long term partner and eventual wife, Nora Barnacle from Galway.

IMG-20190522-WA0011On Sunday 16th June 2019 the reading of Ulysses at La Cepa Playa will focus on chapter 9 which is set in the national Library and a discussion that takes place about the works of Shakespeare. The unique feature of the Fuengirola reading is that passages from the chosen chapter are read in the native language of those who attend. In previous years passages have been read in many languages including Spanish, French, German, Finish, Japanese, Thai, Dutch and many more.

There is an open invitation to anyone based on the Costa del Sol to come along. Roger comments “we will gather at 7.45am and will commence reading at 8am to coincide with the commencement of Ulysses. Following the reading and keeping in line with the opening chapter which features the famous “Forty Foot” bathing area in Dublin the readers and those present will be invited to take a dip or a swim in the sea. This is only an option…in case you don’t feel like getting wet. When everything on the beach is concluded we will head to the local chirinquito for a spot of breakfast and we will disperse from there”.

Roger can be contacted for more information on

A little later in the day Roger and possibly some of the other readers will be reading at a lunch which has been arranged by the newly launched Irish Network Andaluz at the Tamisa Golf Hotel in Mijas. This promises to be a lvoely event and again there is an open invitation to get involved. Shane O’Shea from the Network can be contacted for more information at




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