Win a Trip to Ireland when Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the Costa del Sol

The 2019 St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on the Costa del Sol have already seen a number of advances. The announcement that those who attend the weekend of celebrations this year can win a trip to Ireland with thanks to Tourism Ireland brings the events to new heights.

Irish Association LogoThe Irish Association of Spain is the organiser of the two-day event in Torremolinos and the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Benalmadena. In a new departure this year the association is also working with the Claddagh Bar in Marbella and Biddy Mulligans in La Cala de Mijas by providing some performers for their celebrations. Terry McKinley is the association President and he comments “we are delighted to have Tourism Ireland on board this year and their offer to send a lucky winner to Ireland for a trip is one that has generated great interest already”. The events will attract thousands of people over the weekend. Previously we have not been in a position to offer such an amazing prize so, we are very excited about Tourism Ireland’s input”.

Tourism_Ireland_LogoTourism Ireland is the marketing body responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas. Their website can be accessed HERE Offering this prize to the Irish Association of Spain for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations brings the promotion of Ireland to a large number of non-Irish people because the celebrations on the day will be attended by people from over 50 nationalities as has been the case in previous years.

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Speaking to Ger Sweeney Spain’s Irish radio Programme, Live on Eire which is broadcast on Talk Radio Europe, Tourism Ireland’s Barbara Wood commented that it was great to know that so much as happening on the Costa del Sol to mark St. Patrick’s Day. She said that it was a wonderful opportunity to reach so many people and the trip to Ireland promised to be a wonderful adventure for the winner. Ms. Wood also mentioned that the global “Greening” campaign was gathering pace and spoke about the various iconic landmarks across the world that would be turning green in the coming weeks. Her interview can be heard here….



CliffsBack at the Irish Association of Spain Mr. McKinley remarks “our celebration of Ireland’s national day is something that we take great care with. Yes it’s an opportunity to enjoy some great Irish music, enjoy some food and the odd beverage but it is really an opportunity to showcase our culture to many other nationalities. We take great pride in our celebration and always present the best talent available. Organising events like this in Spain is a lot more bureaucratic than it is in Ireland and the massive undertaking could not be done without the invaluable support of the Town Hall staff in each area. Their contributions and willingness to make each event the best it can be demonstrates just how highly the Irish are regarded. Having the support of Tourism Ireland this year reflects that too and it furthers our standing in the eyes of those Spanish institutions that support us on St. Patrick’s Day and indeed throughout the year”.

IrelandTickets for the trip to Ireland will be on sale over the St. Patrick’s weekend and will cost a nominal €1each. There is no restriction on the number of tickets that can be purchased by any one person. “The more the merrier” says Terry McKinley with a chuckle. He comments “the revenue generated by the promotion will assist with the costs associated with hosting the events along with the general work of the Irish Association throughout the year when our services are needed to assist those in difficulty. It is also worth noting that the cancer charity Cudeca benefits annually from our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and this year will also see the charity benefiting from our activities”.

Further information on the promotion, along with terms and conditions will be available on the Irish Association website and its facebook page as soon as tickets go on sale.


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