The Jesuit Seminarian, a Kodak Camera and the Titanic

IMG_20190220_132114We extend a big welcome to Patricia Trainor who joins us on the Emerald Connection to regale us with some little known, and in some cases not-known, anecdotes. Information on Patricia’s background can be found in the “contributors” section”. We are thrilled have her on board and know that you will enjoy her stories. Patricia’s first story tells us about the Titanic which was manufactured in Belfast, her home town. The story can be heard below in Patricia’s own words but here’s a quick overview.

Titanic 2Patricia had a personal connection with the Titanic as great uncle Charles was one of the engineers who had worked on the ship. Charles was one of the engineers selected to travel on the maiden voyage from Belfast to Southampton to ensure that all was working as it should be. When the ill-fated ship arrived in Southampton the engineers disembarked and returned to Belfast.

Francis BrowneIn Southampton a young seminarian by the name of Francis Patrick Browne boarded the ship. The young Browne had been given a ticket to travel on the Titanic by his uncle Robert Browne who was, at the time, the Bishop of Cloyne. Previously the Bishop had given Francis the present of a camera which had sparked his great interest in photography.

TitanicAs a student Francis Browne studied with James Joyce. In fact Joyce had featured Browne in Finnegan’s Wake calling him “Mr. Browne the Jesuit”. During his time on the Titanic Francis took many photographs and really enjoyed his time. He befriended a billionaire couple from America who could see how much he was enjoying his time and knew that his ticket only allowed him to travel from Southampton to Cherbourg and then to Cobh (or Queenstown as it was called then). The couple suggested that they would buy a return ticket from Cobh to New York for Francis and that is where fate intervened.

Hear Patricia tell the story of Francis Browne the young Jesuit seminarian and how his precious Kodak became very important…….

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