Emerald Connection Unveiled as Sponsor of Spain’s only Irish Radio Programme

Revised LOE LogoWe are delighted to announce that the Emerald Connection is now the sponsor of Spain’s only dedicated Irish radio programme, Live on Eire on Talk Radio Europe (TRE).

The programme is broadcast on Monday evenings on the San Pedro-based Talk Radio Europe from 6pm CET (5pm Irish time) and is presented by Irish freelance radio presenter/producer Ger Sweeney. Although he has over 37 years radio experience in Ireland and across Europe Live on Eire is Ger’s first programme on a talk radio station. There is, of course plenty of music also on the programme and only Irish artists are featured each week. Ger comments “When I started talking to TRE in late 2017 I was anxious to bring an Irish radio programme to the Spanish airwaves as there was a very obvious void. I was thrilled to receive such a positive reaction from TRE management who had already recognised the need to service the station’s Irish listeners. As they say “timing is everything” and the idea soon gathered pace“.

Live on Eire is an excellent fit for the website and there are a number of similarities: Both are relatively new – Live on Eire started life on TRE on 30th April 2018 shortly before the site’s inception. They are both focused on providing content that will be of interest to Irish people at home and abroad with a special focus on the Spanish listeners. They both also work to promote “all things Irish” and hopefully shining a light on Irish culture, entertainment and life in general that other nationalities can appreciate.

In recent months Ger Sweeney has been fostering links in Spain, Ireland and Spanish Speaking Latin American countries for both Live on Eire and the Emerald Connection. These links are starting to bear fruit now as slowly the word is spreading that there is an outlet dedicated to not just Irish events, topics and music but there is a very clear emphasis on looking at the significant links between Ireland and these countries. This formula can be applied to any country in the world and in time will be developed.

The Emerald Connection will promote Live on Eire as Spain’s only Irish radio programme, a complete back catalogue of the programmes is now available on the site. In turn the exposure of the Emerald Connection to Talk Radio Europe’s extensive following can only grow traffic and increase the audience for both entities.

There is always a need for content on both Live on Eire and here on the Emerald Connection so please feel free to contact us with ideas and thoughts. We can be contacted by email info@emeraldconnection.net andGer Sweeney can be contacted at Talk Radio Europe directly at ger@tre.radio




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