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Welcome to Sivna Media, an Irish-based media company that operates across a number of communications platforms. We produce radio programmes, operate a pop-up radio station, provide a print management service, we podcast and we blog.

The company Managing Director is Ger Sweeney and over the years he has been fortunate to work with professionals in various disciplines and areas of work in which the company operates. The level of support received from partners is demonstrated by the longevity of the relationships that have been built up over the years. As the world of media and communications has changed everyne has been prompted to make some adjustments. Sivna Media brings good old-fashioned customer service to all we do and above all we try to make it fun – where we have to be serious we are, and we go to great lengths to always deliver on our promises.



As Heard on Live on Eire This Week

Each week we feature one of the songs that was played on Live on Eire. The full programme can be heard on the Live on Eire Tab above.

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